Construction Companies

Helping Construction Companies Build a Solid Financial Foundation

The construction industry is hit by highs and lows more than nearly any other profession, leading to periods of  incredible profit to devastating losses. Changing consumer demands like greater technological connectivity and green construction methods require you to be flexible and having access to reliable and talented contractors and suppliers can make or break a project. Add to that the ever-shifting regulations and tax law changes, it pays to have a team with deep financial insight and tax knowledge in your corner.

At Bailey Scarano, we understand the need to have the latest information at your fingertips so you can make informed decisions that will keep your construction business operating efficiently and profitably. We go far beyond simple tax compliance to provide year-round advice. Whether the economy is working for – or against – you, we will be in your corner to help you manage the elements you can – and make decisions about the issues you can’t – so your company can rise above your competitors and enjoy long-term success.

Our Construction Clients Count on Us

Taking a holistic approach, we focus on your company’s financial needs so you can focus on running a successful business. You can count on us for tax advice, accounting services, specialized consulting and everything in between, including:

  • Tax planning and compliance
  • Audit, compilation and reviewed financial statements
  • Cost segregation and allocation
  • Monthly financial statement preparation
  • Internal control testing
  • Cash flow optimization
  • Tax credits and incentives

Want to Learn More?

Reach out to Bailey Scarano today to discuss how we can assist your construction company with its accounting or tax needs.

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