Credit Unions

Empowering Your Team for Financial Growth

Ever-changing regulatory requirements. The move to online banking and a glut of brick-and-mortar real estate. New banking habits among millennials. These are just a few of the challenges credit unions face in today’s environment.

But you don’t have to face those hurdles to growth alone. The Bailey Scarano team has unique training and experience in credit union accounting practices that allows us to provide you with tailored assistance based on your size and the complexity involved with meeting

ever-changing NCUA and GAAP requirements. We recommend improvements to internal control areas and other accounting functions, while minding the cost-benefit relationship, so you have sound accounting records.

From internal accounting and reconciliation services support to fraud reviews, our team can help you gain – and retain – higher earnings to invest in and return back to your members.

Cashing In on Our Services

Bailey Scarano has decades of experience helping credit unions like yours with their day-to-day accounting and yearly financials and tax returns. But we don’t stop there. Taking a holistic approach, we focus on your company’s financial needs so you can focus on running a successful operation by offering services that include:

  • Agreed-upon procedures in accordance with NCUA requirements (Supervisory Committee Audits)
  • Financial Statement Opinion audits
  • Quarterly supervisory committee assistance
  • Internal accounting and reconciliation services
  • Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee training
  • Verification of accounts
  • Consulting services
  • Fraud reviews

Want to Learn More?

Reach out to Bailey Scarano today to discuss how we can assist your credit union with its accounting or tax needs.

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