Medical & Dental Practices

Providing Healthy Financial Advice for Doctors & Dentists

Doctors and dentists provide an incredibly valuable service to their patients, and the success of their practices depends greatly on their education, knowledge, abilities and time. For that reason, focusing on your office finances and tax strategy often gets prioritized to a distant second place. We understand the challenges medical and dental practices face, as well as the nuances of the tax laws and how they apply to your practice.

While most industries face uncertainty and constant change, those in the medical profession seem to have more than their fair share. We have worked with doctors and dentists for many years, so we have well-established best practices to bring to the table. We can help you plan for increasing costs, ever-changing healthcare reform, and shrinking reimbursements, working with you throughout the year to provide the advice and expertise that you need to build and maintain a thriving practice.

Our Medical & Dental Practice Clients Count on Us

Our skilled professionals will explain your options, provide insight, and offer advice so you can make informed business and financial decisions. And when it comes time to move on or retire, we can help you weigh your options, value your business, and take your next step with financial security and the confidence that you made the best decisions possible.

  • Accounting and cash flow management services
  • Financial statements
  • Tax planning and preparation
  • Business consulting
  • Accounting software support
  • Merger & acquisition consulting

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