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Far Beyond Tax Compliance

Accuracy and complete confidentiality are of utmost importance when it comes to understanding your tax issues. Whether you are an individual, family business, large corporation or something in between, your tax needs go far beyond simply preparing your return each year. Tax planning and strategy are critical to ensuring you take advantage of saving opportunities to achieve your immediate and long-term business and personal goals.

The U.S. tax code is complicated – and it seems to always change. That’s where guidance from tax specialists who understand the intricacies of your industry and stay abreast of pertinent changes can help reduce your personal tax burden and that of your business.

The Bailey Scarano team stays up to date on the latest tax laws and changes, so you can rest assured you’ll derive maximum tax benefits. We can handle all the details of your individual or business tax preparation, while at the same time going beyond the basic return compliance to minimize your tax burden and strengthen your financial position.

Our team can help keep your records organized and identify opportunities for saving money. Accuracy and analysis are crucial to help you plan for the future while better understanding your tax issues and goals.

Small-to-medium size businesses – and the people that own them – face many of the same challenges as their larger counterparts in today’s competitive market. Our team is ready to help you put your tax and financial information to work to keep you informed, prepared and positioned for the future.

Tax Expertise for Individuals & Businesses

At Bailey Scarano, we don’t look at tax planning in a vacuum. We understand that it is just one part of your business', family’s or nonprofit’s overall financial picture. Our team can help keep your records organized, identify opportunities for tax savings, and ensure all aspects of your tax forms are submitted accurately. Our range of tax services for companies and family-owned businesses, self-employed individuals, and personal accounting includes, but is not limited to:

Tax Planning & Compliance

  • Personal income tax
  • Corporate and business tax
  • Fiduciary/trust tax
  • Tax exempt, non-profit organizations, foundations

State & Local Tax

  • Sales tax
  • Property tax

Tax Credits & Incentives

  • Federal
  • State
  • Domestic International Sales Corporations

Additional Tax Services

  • Cost segregation studies
  • Estate and gift tax

Want to Learn More?

Reach out to Bailey Scarano today. We can help with your immediate tax needs as well as get you started toward tax planning that impacts your overall financial picture in a positive way.

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