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Partnering with Clients for Financial Success

At Bailey Scarano, we believe that sound financial strategies and tax planning are fundamental to helping our clients succeed. Whether we are working with an individual, small business or large not-for-profit, our strategy is the same – get to know the client and provide the highest level of service possible. We don't think short term but look at the big picture so the strategies we recommend and ideas we present make sense for your long-term plans. This hands-on approach to client relationships is built into the DNA of our firm and the people who work here.

Our Commitment to Our Clients

  • Provide quality service in a timely manner
  • Partner with growth-oriented, integrity-focused clients
  • Help clients reach their maximum potential through open communication and teamwork
  • Create a culture of continuouslearning for all employees to achieve and maintain the highest competence
  • Encourage partners and staff to be involved in civic, community and professional organizations
  • Focus on growth, but never at the cost of our local identity and our personal relationship with the clients that are the foundation of our practice

Our History:
More Than 100 Years of Accounting Excellence

The Bailey Family has been serving clients in the certified public accounting profession continuously since 1916. Our background gives us a strong understanding of growth, succession, mergers, opportunities, and how to manage change efficiently. More than a century of experiences have enriched our perspective on how to run a successful company, and we regularly share these insights with our clients facing similar challenges in managing a business and navigating personal finances. While many things have changed since 1916, one thing has not: our commitment to provide the highest level of client service possible to all those that trust us to meet and exceed their accounting and tax needs.

As you can imagine, a firm that has been around as long as ours has evolved over the years. Here's our history of ownership and firm names:


Founding Partners


Firm Name

1916 Maurice H. Bailey, Meyer E. Bailey Bailey & Bailey
1939 Meyer E. Bailey, Harry Hornstein, Reuben Moore Bailey Hornstein & Moore
1950 Meyer E. Bailey, Alan P. Bailey, Reuben Moore, Samuel Glazer Bailey Moore & Glazer
1970 Alan P. Bailey, Reuben Moore, Samuel Glazer, Edwin Schaefer, Dominic Proto Bailey, Moore, Glazer, Schaefer & Proto, LLP
1992 Alan P. Bailey, David Y. Bailey, Michael J. Schaefer, Andrew J. Errato Bailey Schaefer & Errato, LLC
2010 David Y. Bailey, Andrew J. Errato, Camille Murphy, Dominic Scarano, Jr., Michael E. Bailey Bailey Murphy + Scarano, LLC
2016 David Y. Bailey, Andrew J. Errato, Dominic Scarano, Jr., Michael E. Bailey Bailey Scarano, LLC

Want to Learn More?

We are always happy to talk to those looking for the expertise of an accounting firm that is dedicated to helping their clients succeed.

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