IRS’s Aggressive Compliance Measures Bring in Over $500 Million from Millionaires

In a recent update that underscores the effectiveness of heightened compliance activities, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has made a significant impact on tax collection from high-net-worth individuals. Commissioner Daniel Werfel reported that, thanks to increased scrutiny on millionaires suspected of tax evasion, the IRS has successfully collected $482 million thus far. This announcement came during a conference call on January 11, 2024, where Werfel highlighted the ongoing efforts to ensure tax compliance among the wealthy.

The IRS targeted approximately 1,600 millionaires, yielding substantial returns, with Werfel emphasizing that this is just the beginning. “Our initiatives demonstrate the IRS’s commitment to pursuing those at the top who attempt to shirk their tax obligations,” Werfel commented. The agency’s strategy includes cracking down on individuals exploiting tax loopholes improperly, such as claiming self-employment tax exemptions not rightfully theirs.

A significant boost in these compliance efforts has been attributed to new funding from the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), enabling the IRS to expand its audit activities. Currently, over 80 audits are underway, specifically targeting misuse of exemptions among limited partners.

Furthermore, the IRS has ramped up its examination of large U.S. partnerships, with 76 of these entities, each possessing assets over $10 billion, now under audit. These examinations have revealed numerous instances of multimillion-dollar balance sheet discrepancies, signaling potential noncompliance with tax laws. As a result, around 480 compliance alerts have been issued to partnerships identified with such discrepancies.

Collectively, these intensified compliance measures have recovered $520 million in tax revenue from millionaires through various initiatives. While specific data on how these actions are impacting the overall tax gap is yet to be detailed, Werfel notes significant early signs that the increased focus on high-net-worth individuals is making an immediate difference.

With ongoing budget negotiations, Werfel expressed hope that the success of these initiatives, along with improvements in customer service and information technology capabilities, will showcase the positive outcomes of IRA funding. This, he hopes, will encourage policymakers to continue supporting the IRS’s efforts with necessary funding, maintaining the momentum in closing the tax gap and ensuring fairness in the tax system.

For our clients, this development highlights the importance of compliance and the risks of overlooking tax obligations. As your trusted accounting partner, we remain committed to guiding you through the complexities of tax planning and compliance, ensuring that you are both well-informed and well-prepared to meet your tax responsibilities.

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