Bailey Scarano: 100-Year-Old Accounting Firm Gets New Name

On November 1, 2016, Bailey Murphy + Scarano became Bailey Scarano. This new name reflects our past, our growth, and our success as a firm.

The Bailey family has been providing quality accounting services for three generations. In fact, our firm has recently reached the major milestone of 100 years in business! Today, under the leadership of David Bailey, with partners Andrew J. Errato, Dominic Scarano, Michael Bailey, and Christine Gromala, we remain committed to focusing on helping clients grow their businesses and personal wealth. As we step forward into the future, we’re proud to continue providing the high level of service, expertise, and continuity our clients have come to expect.

As Bailey Scarano, our partners and support staff will continue to demonstrate a commitment to each client, with quality accounting, tax, and consulting services. Our experienced, talented team will develop as client needs, technologies, and financial trends continue to evolve.

“Mission means something you are prepared to live and invest in with time and money. 100 years as Certified Public Accountants proves we have succeeded in our mission. Our experience, leadership, knowledge, service and dedication are what we can bring to you.” ~ David Y. Bailey, Managing Partner


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