ALERT: Make Sure You Keep These 2 IRS Letters

While you may not have your 2021 taxes on your mind right now, we do. As we start preparing for tax season before we take some time off for the holidays, we wanted to make sure you were aware of two important letters coming from the IRS in January.

  • Letter 6419 – Advance Child Tax Credit Payments
  • Letter 6475 – Economic Impact (stimulus) Payment

It is important that you retain these letters. Entering incorrect advance child tax credit or economic impact payment amounts will cause delays in tax return processing and in any refund you may be due.

Please scan these letters to create an electronic copy as well as saving the hard copy in your files; we will need this information to prepare and file your tax returns. According to the IRS, if they are lost, getting a new copy is likely to be an involved process and could certainly delay how quickly we can file your return. If you have questions about this, reach out to us for help once your letters have arrived.

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