Check Refund Status Online for Quickest Answer

It is well documented that the IRS is understaffed, underfunded, and behind on processing returns. So if you want to know the status of your refund, calling them is not the best, or quickest, route to an answer. The fastest and easiest way to check on tax refunds is by using the Where’s My Refund? tool on or through the IRS2Go mobile app. This also applies to finding the status of any child-related tax credits that were expanded by the American Rescue Plan, including the Child Tax Credit and the Child and Dependent Care Credit. The information available on the tool is the same information available to IRS telephone operators, and you can also find answers to questions, forms and instructions, and other easy-to-use tools at


Additionally, filing electronically and using direct deposit is the fastest way to receive a tax refund. Taxpayers can use the tool to check their refund status within 24 hours after an e-filed return is received or four weeks after the taxpayer mails a paper return. The tool’s tracker displays progress through three phases:
  • Return received
  • Refund approved
  • Refund sent

If you have questions about a return we filed for you, feel free to reach out to us as well.

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