CT Property Tax Credit Instructions FAQs

As tax day approaches, clients have been asking about an error the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services (DRS) made about how to calculate 2015 property tax credits. If you’re getting notices or have questions, this updated Q&A page from the DRS should help.

Questions addressed include:

  1. What happened?
  2. How does this mistake affect Connecticut taxpayers?
  3. How is the DRS addressing this issue?
  4. How will affected taxpayers be notified?
  5. What if I ignore the notice?
  6. Will I need to amend my return due to this property tax credit error?
  7. How much will each affected taxpayer owe?
  8. What are my payment choices?
  9. What should tax practitioners do between now and when their software is updated?

We are opting to send you directly to the FAQs on the Property Tax Credit Tables page, rather than repost the answers here, in case the DRS updates any info.

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