Homeowner Tax Relief in Connecticut

If you own a home in Connecticut, you know that property taxes can add up. But did you know that qualifying seniors and the disabled can take advantage of a tax credit program and reduce or eliminate what they pay?


The property owner or spouse can apply for tax relief the year after turning 65 as long as the home is the principal residence, defined as living there for at least six months and one day of the year. Your 2022 total income must not exceed $40,300 if unmarried, or $49,100 if married. Additionally, if you are 50 or older and the surviving spouse of a homeowner who at the time his or her death was entitled to tax relief as long as you lived at the property too.

Disabled Persons

Those that are defined as “totally disabled” are eligible at any age as long as they have proof of eligibility to receive disability benefits from the Social Security administration specifying a date of entitlement prior to the end of the calendar year (and no older than three years) prior to filing an application.

The credit amount is calculated by the local assessor after the application is filed and then the tax collector applies the credit to your real property tax bill. The amount of the credit that may be granted is up to $1,250 for married couples and $1,000 for single persons based on a graduated income scale.

To apply for relief for the 2022 tax year, you can submit an application between February 1 and April 15, 2023 by mail, or apply in person as late as May 13. Applications must be accompanied by your 1099 from Social Security and your 2022 tax return, if one was filed, or all 2022 income statements.

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