That Balance Due Notice from IRS May Be Incorrect

Have you received a balance due notification from the IRS? If so, you may not owe anything after all.

The IRS recently admitted that some married couples received erroneous balance due notices for their 2021 returns. Most of these inaccurate notices were sent to couples where the payments were made by the spouse listed as the secondary taxpayer on a married filing jointly return submitted through the couple’s online account with the IRS.

If you received a notice, but have paid the full amount of tax due, the IRS recommends you simply wait to hear more from them once they have worked out a solution to the problem.

“Taxpayers who receive a notice but paid the tax they owed in full and on time, electronically or by check, should not respond to the notice at this time,” said the agency. “The IRS is researching the matter and will provide an update as soon as possible. Taxpayers who paid only part of the tax reported due on their 2021 joint return should pay the remaining balance or follow instructions on the notice to enter into an installment agreement or request additional collection alternatives. Taxpayers can ensure that their payment is on their account by checking Online Account under the Social Security number that made the payment. Note that any assessed penalties and interest will be automatically adjusted when the payment(s) are applied correctly.”

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